St Adwena, the Cornish Valentine

Nobody knows for sure who St Adwena was.

She might have been one of the many daughters of King Brychan which would make her a sister to St Endelient, St Menfre, St Merewenna and St Helie all of whom also have local churches dedicated to them.

In Cornwall she is traditionally the patron saint of sweethearts which is why there are hearts and roses on her banner. The words “A vyn’ta demedhi genev?”  on the path up to the church translate as “Will you marry me?”

St Adwena, the congregation and wider community are always remembered and prayed for in the Cathedral on 15th February. This year a small group of us travelled to Truro to attend the 9.00am Mass with the regular congregation. Fr Simon, the Interim Dean, who was presiding made us most welcome. The service was celebrated at the Cornish Altar in St Samson’s Chapel. As it was a Wednesday the rest of us gathered in St Adwena at the same time to say Morning Prayer. We all felt the spiritual synergy.

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