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Associate Priest
Revd Jeffrey TerryTel. 07562 700170
Claire SalzmannTel. 01840 213713
Sue Wilcox (currently unwell, please refer to Revd Jeffrey Terry)Tel. 01840 213713
Priest Nurse
Revd Geraldine AshtonTel. 07957 609085
St. Teath Churchwardens
Gareth StubberfieldTel. 07498 580454
David WinterTel. 01208 852027
Lanteglos Churchwarden
Mary PearceTel. 01840 212665
Camelford Churchwarden
currently vacant, please refer to Mary Pearce
Advent Churchwardens
William GoreTel. 01840 212800
Kerstin LewisTel. 01840 211161
Delabole Churchwarden
Tricia HicksTel. 01840 212520

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