Two Bishops and a Landlord…..

It’s not every day you get to see two bishops and a landlord, so this was a very special occasion! We were delighted to host Bishops Philip and Hugh to explain current developments in the On The Way process to us. Friends from across the Deanery joined us for a bite to eat and an informal chat with both bishops in St Teath Church Hall. At the end, they had enough time to pop over to the White Hart to pull a pint or two. Here they are chatting with landlord Barry, who has been an active member of St Teath choir since the age of five. During that time, his duties have included being churchwarden, crucifer and bass in the choir. We’ve given Barry a framed picture of the event, which will hang alongside a picture of our old friends Derryn and Jem, also in their robes and pulling a pint.

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